Cafe Stop with James Thomas (IBFI Magazine)

Star of YouTube’s Bike fit Tuesdays, James Thomas, of Richmond Cycles, London, braves the hot seat in our latest IBFI fitter profile.

How untidy is your fit studio? Ask my staff…Very! But only in the places, customers can’t see. Image is key.
Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met in your job? Over the years I’ve fitted Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsey and most recently Tao Geoghegan-Hart just before his Giro victory. You choose who you think is most famous!
Tell us something not many people know about you: I used to teach scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.
If you had to get a job outside of cycling, what would it be? Beer taster, nuff said.
What’s the best thing about what you do? – How rewarding it is. A rider comes to me with pain, sometimes so debilitating that it impacts their daily life and being able to help them achieve their goals is hugely rewarding.
Describe an average working day for you: I wake up, ride my bike to my shop, have a shower/ breakfast, do some email, first fit, lunch over email, second fit, another hour of email, ride home, ditch bike collapse on sofa and do the same again the next day. Bike fitting, it’s rock and roll.
How did you get to where you are today? Working bloody hard for people who don’t get it. I’m lucky enough to be my own boss now and am able to do things exactly the way I want do them — fit first, buy later!
What’s your favourite event in the cycling calendar? – Paris-Roubaix! Cobbles, dirt0p and beer!
What’s the weirdest thing a fit customer has ever said to you? Can we have a picture?
What advice would you give to someone just starting out in a bike fit? Go on as many courses as you can to learn as many different points of view.

Espresso time

Twitter or Facebook? Instagram! [James posts as @bikefitJames and has over 40,000 followers]
How do you take your coffee? Strong and black
What pedals do you ride? Road, SPD-SL, MTB SPDW
What saddle do you use? Several, as I have several bikes! Favourite road saddle at the moment is the Selle Italia SLR Boost S3
Favourite place to cycle? Spain

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