Becoming certified by the IBFI is a simple process, which works hand in hand with your educational progress

Certification process

The IBFI’s certification system is built on qualifications achieved through the organisation’s common syllabus, which is agreed by leading bike fit educators around the world.

01. Recognised Provider

When you complete a course with a recognised provider it will automatically be added to your IBFI profile, keeping your educational records and IBFI certification level up-to-date.

02. Two Modules

Each course is split into two modules, with one delivered online and one in-person. All online modules are assessed centrally by the IBFI, regardless of which course provider you choose. In-person modules are assessed by the course instructor to standards set by the IBFI’s Education Committee.

3. Consistency

To ensure consistent assessment standards, a handful of students are randomly selected from each provider for external moderation by an independent assessor.

4. High Standards

This means you can be confident that regardless of which course provider you choose, you’ll be receiving the same high standard of education, recognised globally by all other IBFI-certified education providers.

Common Syllabus

The IBFI’s common syllabus was created alongside experienced education providers from across the globe and continues to be developed by the organisation’s education committee.

This ensures that the syllabus is owned and run by the industry, allowing education providers from across the world to have their say on what is taught in bike fitting education.

Recognised prior learning

Prior to the common syllabus, IBFI certification was based on a credit system earned through education experiences and use of technology.

To help existing, experienced fitters transition over to the new certification system, this credit-based system will still be accessible until the end of 2023.

Skip In-Person Modules

Depending on the certification level identified by the credit system, a fitter will be able to skip in-person modules up to and including the identified level. However, they must go back and complete the online modules within a specified timeframe in order to maintain their current level of certification.

Recognised education providers are encouraged to offer discounted online modules for legacy IBFI members and those accessing recognised prior learning.

IBFI Certification