Jon Wild

Company: Pedalling Perfection


Jon has a wealth of experience fitting people to their bikes. As well as being obsessed with cycling biomechanics, he’s also raced mountain bikes, triathlons, time trials and has cycled across America twice. East to West and North to South.

Jon believes in knowledge-based bike fitting instead of simply applying formulas and continues to learn from the worlds best. The methods used enable accuracy within ±1.5 mm for saddle height and ±3mm for seat fore/aft, which leads to much greater positional optimization. To put that in perspective, most commercial bike fitting systems can be as much as 40mm out!

He is proud to be a certified fitter with the International Bike Fitting Institute and in his spare time works to elevate the world of bike fitting through mentoring programs, conferences, and industry publications.


Jon has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science and has trained with BIKEFIT, Retul, Body Geometry, Gebiomized, Anatomy In Motion, MyFootFunction and TORKE Cycling and completed a year-long IBFI remote-mentorship program with Steve Hogg.


Jon has been in the bike fitting game for 9 years, fitting thousands of athletes in North America and the UK.  Over this time he has helped find solutions for all sorts of challenges and continues to be excited and passionate about helping people to find their optimal.

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