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Expert Overview

Anne recently opened her own Studio in February 2019. She worked in several shops in Chicago and estimates that she has carried out around 9,000 hours of fitting. After beginning her career with bikes in retail in 2004 at Turin Bicycle in Evanston, IL, she began focusing on to bike fit 2007 after attending the Serotta International Cycling Institute. She then worked for 4 years at Running Away Multisport, one of the first stores in the US to feature a Guru Dynamic Fit Unit. From 2015 to 2018 she worked at Live Grit in the West Loop of Chicago, a woman-owned multisport-focused retailer. Sadly, Live Grit closed in 2018 and Anne decided to leap free into her own dedicated bike fit studio in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago.

Anne is committed to her professional development as a fitter and continues a mentorship with several peers in the Bike Fit and IBFI world.Whatever your focus or goal – whether it’s to ride more comfortably, maximise your performance or prevent injury – Anne is confident that she can help.



Anne’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:
Purely Custom Bike Fit Pro
Leomo Type-R wireless motion analysis system
BioMoto custom footbeds

Training and Education
2006 Mike Sylvester – ‘Bringing Bicycles and Bodies Together Comfortably’
2007 SICI, 3 day intensive, personalized class with Chris Bohannon and Ray Browning
Paul Swift, CyclePoint/Bike Fit Level 1 and Advanced Pedal/foot interface
2014 FIST course with Dan Empfield and John Cobb – basic procedures and methodology
2015 FIST Down Deep with Dan Empfield and JT Lyons of Moment Cycle. The inaugural class, focusing on complete bike solutions using FIST protocol

Over 9,000 hours of bike fit practice
Over 13 years bike fit experience in different retail/studio settings


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