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From the time I was a young road racer growing up in Australia I have always taken an
interest in bike fit. When driving around the city I noticed other cyclists with the seat too
high or too low and I wanted to help them - and now I can!
For my bio I considered writing about 37 years of racing both road and mountain bikes
but my passion for cycling goes well beyond the start line. I remember the first time I
rode a bike. I was 7 years old when I wandered over to the neighbor’s house, grabbed a
mid-sized “department store special” and off I went. Since that day I’ve never stopped
loving bikes.
In my 37-year history with cycling I have amassed an enormous amount of knowledge
about the dynamics that surround this great sport. I have experienced the cycling
industry from the ground-up working in bike shops, coaching road and mountain biking
and instructing spin cycling. I have raced mountain bike, road bike and triathlon as well
as other multi-sport events including Xterra and adventure racing. I am proud of the fact
that I have not only ridden and raced bicycles but I have also bike toured New Zealand,
Nepal, the Canadian Rockies and parts of Australia
I first completed the Level 1 Bike Fit course in 2009. I then went on to finish the Level 2
Bike Fit course in 2010 with Bike Fit Systems. I also completed my Black Level teaching
certificate and I am the only certified Bike Fit instructor in Canada. I also completed my
F.I.S.T certification in Tri Bike Fit and have studied with John Higgins and Fit Kit.
Since I completed my Black Level teaching certificate I started Bike Fit Canada which
has been a leader in selling bike fit products and providing education to people across
BC Bike Fit provides a valuable service to cyclists of all abilities. Looking forward to
meeting you, sharing some riding stories and getting your bike dialed in ready for your
next big adventure.

561 E Keith rd.
North Vancouver
British Columbia


IBFI Certification