Bicycle Fit Services - Mobile - Todd Schoeni


Todd Schoeni was previously the head fitter at a well-known bike store chain in Pittsburgh, but set up his own independent and mobile bike fit service several years ago. In his 10+ year career in bike fit, he has carried out somewhere between 750 and 900 fits, including fits for elite athletes, Ironman Pros and recreational cyclists.

Educated through Specialized and via a number of Andy Pruitt courses, Todd has also pursued professional development with GURU/FIST and Dan Empfield. He has attended a number of bike fit symposiums, including the Medicine of Bicycle Fit conference in Colorado Springs.

Todd is a passionate advocate for the capacity a professional bike fit has to give a rider the cycling experience of their dreams. An experienced bike fitter has the skill, experience and objectivity to weigh up a cyclist’s individual positioning preferences against injury risk and problems arising over a longer period of repetitive action. Even the most minor adjustments in position can prove vital given that cycling involves a high number of repeat actions; something that may seem insignificant rarely is, Todd reminds his clients. He believes in bike fit for cyclists of all levels and types, including endurance or trail biking despite the amount of movement in off-road cycling.

Although a fan of technology, Todd is keen to see bike fitters rely on their experience and judgement before camera and other technological tools. Nothing beats experience in Todd’s eyes and, with over 10 years in the bike fit game, Todd has plenty of it.


Todd’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Specialized Basic Fit course

Specialized Master Fit course

Specialized TT/Tri and Mtn Bike fit courses

GURU Fit System certification

MOCC bike fit symposium

900 fits to date

10+ years experience

Works with elite athletes to recreational riders

IBFI Certification