Bike Fit Edinburgh - Douglas Shaw


Douglas offers a comprehensive range of fit services, ranging from a 1 hour redial to a 5 hour premium fit, many of which can be booked online via his website - He has carried out bike fits for over 1000 clients in his Edinburgh studio, including record-breaking British cyclist Mike Beaumont and US cycling coach Curtis Cramblett.

If you’re unable to visit the studio, Edinburgh Bike Fitting can come to you - Douglas has travelled all over Scotland with his mobile fit service, bringing Pressure Mapping and Retul motion analysis to cyclists in Dundee, Aberdeen and even Shetland.

Douglas is a big advocate of a multidisciplinary training approach and works with an associate nutritionist to offer his clients personalised nutritional plans as well as running various fitness, strength and flexibility sessions and BioRacer virtual wind tunnel training. The studio also offers Project Cipressa - the ultimate holistic support programme for cyclists which brings together the very best of the studio’s fit services, technology, nutritional expertise and coaching experience.

Edinburgh Bike Training stocks a range of test saddles and premier brand Superfeet cycling insoles and customers are able to create their own custom insoles using the Superfeet FitPOD.

You can find Douglas across a range of social media platforms, including the studio’s Facebook page - - and photos of his work with clients and his cycling adventures in Italy on the Edinburgh Bike Fitting Instagram account -

Tel: 07411195119

Douglas’ qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

BSc (Hons) Sports Science (2:1)
MSc Sport Performance Enhancement
Functional Movement Screen Qualification
Retul Certified Bike Fitter Level 1
2015 symposium with Gebiomized ISCO
2016 symposium in Manchester ICS
Retul Vantage camera system (3D) plus 2D video analysis
Saddle Pressure map
Premium Bike Fit
Aero TT and Tri Fit
TT and Tri Bike Fit
Frame Finder with the Muve Bike
Standard Single Session Bike Fit

IBFI Certification