Bike Fit Evesham - Bianca Broadbent


Bianca is based at the Boardman Performance Centre, Wickford, UK. She is a qualified physiotherapist and brings significant anatomical knowledge and professional experience to her professional bike fit service. During her fits, Bianca uses 3D motion capture and 2D video capture in order to observe and analyse her clients’ movement as closely as possible. Whether you want to banish a persistent pain or you’re looking to maximise your performance, Bianca can help.

As well as significant physiotherapy training (aside from her BSc Hons course, Bianca has completed yoga, pilates, sports massage training and more), her bike fit training is extensive and includes Retul courses, Andy Sexton’s respected bike fit course and ‘Where the Foot Meets the Pedal’ training. She has delivered training herself on managing cycling injuries and supplied content on biomechanics in cycling for the Salford University MSc course.

Bianca’s blog is a useful source of cycling and injury-related content and includes posts on saddle discomfort, concussion and Cinderella syndrome. You can contact Bianca using the contact details below.
01527 918915

Bianca’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
ACPSEM Sports Massage
Sporting Hip and Groin
‘Stuck on the hard shoulder’ lecture
Andy Sexton bike fitting course
Yoga for physiotherapists training
Pilates trained
Tendinopathy with Pete Maliaris
Dynamic Tape
‘Where the Foot Meets the Pedal’ online course
Retul Course
Gebiomized webinar saddle comfort
Hit the Ground Running Amputee Rehab
Aquatic therapy trained
Spinal manipulation
Emergency first aid at work

She has also attended the following conferences:

Attended Pure Sports Med Cycling Symposium 2016
Attended Liverpool John Moore’s Cycling Symposium 2016

And delivered the following courses:

“Managing Cycling Injuries” CPD course
Content on clinical biomechanics in cycling on Salford MSc course

IBFI Certification