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Garry Kirk, based in his own studio in Paisley, Glasgow, is passionate about all things bike fit - in fact, he views the coming together of man and machine as something of an artistic, or even poetic, process. Driven by his clients’ results (you can read a number of glowing reviews for his services here -, he aims to help as many cyclists as possible realise their best bike position and thereby experience a comfortable, symmetrical, stable ride with a minimised risk of injury. Garry has spent 3 weeks training in Australia with Steve Hogg, one of the best bike fitters in the world, and is now one of only 10 Steve Hogg Approved bike fitters worldwide. He is also as Level 3 Mastermind AMN (Applied Movement Neurology) practitioner.

Garry offers a range of fit services, all of which can be booked online. He also designs and builds custom bikes as well as fitting and selling Lake shoes, speedplay pedals, SMP saddles and a selection of seatposts, handlebars and stems for bike fit customers who require any adaptations.

Garry offers all clients a full money back guarantee, so that you can book online with confidence.

Garry’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Cycling Body Positioning course
Torke Cycling Foot Correction course
Torke Cycling Off-Road Positioning course
Torke Cycling TT Positioning course
Torke Cycling Torque Analysis course
Steve Hogg Approved (3 weeks intensive training)
Racermate/Computraining Software
The Purely Custom Fitting Jig (used for custom frame designs, saddle fitting, triathlon bike fits, frame finder fits, time trial or TT fittings)

AMN LEVEL 3 Practitioner

Fully comprehensive bike fit
Frame finder fit
Lake Shoe Fitting
SMP saddle fitting
Custom frame design
Setting up a second bike
Setting up a second pair of shoes
Annual tune up

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