Bike fit London - Daniel Pells


Daniel Pells runs his bike fit studio out of Bespoke Cycling, London, where ‘bespoke’ is no exaggeration. Every bike sold by Bespoke, whether custom-built or not, begins with a precision bike fit. Indeed, the concept of purchasing a bike without a fit is completely alien to Dan and to Bespoke’s founder, Barry Scott.

If you already own a bike and are experiencing problems or looking to improve your performance, an Existing Bike Fit is for you. If you’re looking to purchase a new bike, you can choose between the Essential New Bike Fit or the full New Bike Fit and Consultation. The website contains a handy graphic - - which illustrates the difference between the three levels of fit in order to help you make your decision.

Daniel also offers custom insoles fitting, cleat alignment for existing bike fit customers and a follow-up fit to ensure your position adapts as time goes on and your performance changes. Aero training in a Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel is also available.

Bespoke Cycling also offers a free final fit to all customers purchasing a new bike and will swap parts for free to ensure that you get the perfect fit. They have a workshop staffed by qualified and experienced mechanics who offer a number of different service packages.

Daniel’s qualifications and experience  include:

Body Geometry fit Level 1
Body Geometry fit Level 2
MSc Sports Performance
BSc Sport and Exercise Science
BTEC Sport and Exercise Science

Fit technology includes:

Laser Level
Turbo with power
Range of test saddles
2D camera
Custom/stock insoles
Adjustable fit bike
3D Camera (Retul Vantage)

Services include:

Existing Bike Fit service
New Bike Fit and Consultation
Essential New Bike Fit
Custom footbeds/insoles
Clear alignment service
Follow-up fit
Aero Test - Virtual Wind Tunnel

IBFI Certification