Bike Fit Manchester - Matt Hallam


Matt Hallam is a passionate cyclist with over 6-years’ experience working for some of Europe’s biggest names in bike fitting. Most recently he was Precision Fit manager for Trek in the UK before launching his own bike fitting brand, Crimson Studios. He now runs two studios, one in Manchester and one in Ambleside, The Lakes, boasting a science-led, client-centred approach.

Matt is an IBFI Level 3 certified fitters and has worked with cyclists of all ability levels, from international competitors to complete beginners. His specialisms include easing saddle discomfort, assisting clients with complex injury histories, time trial fitting and biomechanical optimisation. The Crimson Performance bike fit experience is a custom-built Matt Hallam creation, drawing on knowledge and advice from physios, exercise physiologists, bike fit industry experts and biomechanists. The fit is a comprehensive six step process, comprising an initial consultation interview, video capture using 360 Dartfish ProSuite video capture technology, biomechanical analysis, position optimisation and a foot control and cleat assessment.

As well as fitting, Crimson also offers 1 to 1 critical power testing and training packages, along with monthly, annual and team subscriptions. Matt also founded the Crimson Performance race team in 2017 with a vision to support and develop North West cycling talent, and expanding to include a women’s race team in Summer 2018. He is an  extremely keen road racer and competes regularly on the Premier Calendar circuit.

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Matt’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Over 6 years of fitting experience
IBFI Level 3 certified fitter
Ultimate Fit service (bookable online)
360 Dartfish ProSuite Video Capture
Biomechanical analysis
Foot control and Pedalling Dynamics Assessment

IBFI Certification