Bike fit Richmond - James Thomas


James’ motto is ‘fit first, buy later’, and it is this mantra which places the cyclist at the centre of the bike fit process at Bicycle Richmond, a specialist bike store in London.  In fact, every customer who buys a bike at Bicycle Richmond comes with a bike fitting as a standard part of the process.

His vision for his bike fitting service is to banish clients’ aches and pains and improve their performance by fitting the bike to the individual and taking the whole picture into account. This means looking at his customer’s needs, goals, preferences and idiosyncrasies rather than insisting that the client sticks with the settings that ‘should’ work for them. James is solution-driven rather than sales-driven, and only recommends products or brands if they fit the client and their cycling aims.

James offers a Bike Fit and Consultation, a Follow Up Fit and a Foot Consultation, all of which can be found on his website and booked online. Bicycle Richmond also contains a workshop with service and repairs facilities, bike box hire, custom builds, premium brands, cycling holidays and more.

James has an active Instagram account ( with a sizeable audience following his cycling adventures, fit tips and product reviews. His bio declares that he “fits people, not bikes” - again, testimony to his client-centred approach. You can also watch an interview featuring James and a tour of Bicycle Richmond -

James’ qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Cyclefit Advanced and foot correction course (a year’s training under partnership scheme)
Specialized BG fit level 1
ICS attendance 2013
ICS attendance 2014
Torke Cycling Body positioning course
Torke Cycling Foot correction course
Purely Custom fit bike
Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping
Dartfish video analysis on all four planes

IBFI Certification