Bike Fit Studio - Are Iverson


Bike Fit Studio is run by Are Iversen who has been working with bikefitting since 2012 using Retül as the main tool. Are has been part into cycling for more than 30 years, as a cyclist, mechanic, team manager, coach, boardmember of cycling club and boardmember of the regional board for the western region of the Norwegian Cycling Federation. Bike Fit Studio is located in Skarnes in the eastern part of Norway, in Oslo and in Bergen on the west coast. We also bring our equipment and travel to clients for sessions/camps. The clients ranges from world champion to recreational cyclists. The last 6 months we've also invested in the MotionLogic3D double sided analysis tool, Guru DFU 2.0 fitbike, saddle pressure measuring and equipment for making custom insoles (from MotionLogic3D). We also do aero-coaching based on the latest sensor technology and a strict protocol for aerotesting.

IBFI Certification