Nick James

Company: Wieler Wheels

Expert Overview

A dedicated fit studio based in the heart of  the South West. At Bike fit Exeter we have adopted a more holistic and clinical approach to bike fitting - looking at the bigger picture rather than simply adhering to rule of thumb or a set fit process. Our approach is to observe dysfunction within a rider’s interaction with the bike then seek to remove it:
An example of this dysfunction might be to excessively point the toes through the bottom of the stroke as a result of an excessive saddle height or to carry too much weight on the hands because the reach to the handlebars is too far.
Bike fits are tailored to the individual using a purely custom jig, where I can easily utilise a wide range of test saddles and handle bars with various widths.
We stock a wide range of saddles including but not limited to Gebiomized,  ISM, Selle SMP, Selle Italia, SQ Lab.

Pro, Deda and Profile design handle bars.

Using the “Fit first, buy later” mentality I can help you either build a bike to spec or work with you to choose a right bike online


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