Bike-Improvement - Stephan De Schutter


My studio is based in Monza, near Milan, Italy. In our studio we apply scientific approach to bike fitting. We work me and a physiotherapist together to study the cyclist's body, the muscle and we focus on movement, pressure and muscle activation. We also let our customer to contact us all year long for any kind of position optimization. Our fitting lasts 2 hours and includes: physiotherapy evaluation, movement evaluation with inertial sensor, Muscle activation with EMG, pressure on saddle and foot with pressure mapping system, 2D video analysis. After that we make the fitting and we created two different test to evaluate core stability on the bike and the effects of fitting with central nervous system fatigue. Our test last 6 minutes starts at 100w and finishes at 300w, with 20w incremental every 30sec.

IBFI Certification