BikeFit - Kit Vogel and Paul Swift


Patrick's training includes:

Physical therapist in reeducation
Physical therapist in sport revalidation
Manual therapist BELSO, FNDLK & TMA
ICS 25th-26th January 2012
ICS 24th-26th January 2013
ISCO 11th-12th November 2013
ISCO Fit school Level I & II
ICS 13th-14th February 2014
Science & Cycling 1st-2nd July 2015
ISCO 09th-10th November 2015
2 days with Tony Corke in Eindhoven
Science & Cycling in Caen 4 days (2 masterclasses and 2 days conference)
ICS Manchester 2 days
Lecture at a symposium in sports medicine in Belgium
F.I.S.T. certification with Dan Empfield: 5 days

Patrick uses gebioMized saddle and insole pressure mapping during his fits, as well as 2D video analysis.

Tel: +352 26 10 20 21

IBFI Certification