BikeFit NorCal - Andrew L Weber

Expert Overview

Kit and Paul run their studio in Kirkland, Washington, which offers bike fit related products and accessories for sale, bike fit education, bike fit apps and a comprehensive range of bike fit and cycle-related services.

Kit holds a Doctorate qualification in Physical Therapy as well as a Masters in Biomechanics, Human Movement and Performance. She is an instructor for the Clinical Bike Fit Level 1 and 2 courses as well as a Guest Lecturer in PT at the University of Washington. She is a respected conference speaker and has previously presented at the International Cycle Fit conference amongst others. A keen cyclist herself, Kit has a particular interest in assisting injured cyclists and pedal stroke analysis.

Paul started BikeFit after developing the original cleat wedge in 1995. Paul was a national champion on the track on numerous occasions and has been training bike fitters across the world since 2006.

The BikeFit brand wields significant influence in the world of bike fitting, offering remote courses and distance learning to keen bike fitters worldwide and their products are used at the highest competitive levels in cycling and triathlon, including national and world championships.

Kit splits her time between educating bike fitters, research and study, lecturing and speaking, as well as her role on the IBFI Steering Committee. She also carries out bike fits in medical settings as well as in bike stores. You can contact her to set up an appointment through the BikeFit website, by using the details below.

Kit’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Masters in Biomechanics, Human Movement and Performance

Instructor for the Clinical Bike Fit Level 1 and 2 courses

Guest Lecturer in PT at the University of Washington

Presenter/speaker at several international bike fit symposiums including the ICS and the SICI

Experience with working with cyclists of all levels

Experience fitting bikes in clinical and retail settings

Particular professional interest in injured cyclists and in the foot/pedal interface.

IBFI Certification