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Jon has been fitting professionally since 2016, and brings a consultant-based approach to the sessions. He has extensive experience working with cyclists of all disciplines & ability levels. Passionate about injury prevention at all levels of the sport. Jon specialises in performance road positions having experience with several road/MTB riders from the pro peloton.





The Manchester studio was originally set up as CYCLEFiT by Julian Wall and Phil Cavell before becoming Trek towards the end of 2017.
I acted as a mentor to our level 1 fitters covering studios in 7 UK DOTS "Direct Owned Trek Stores" along with our expanding portfolio of European stores. (up to the end of 2020).



A Purely Custom fit jig where we can make full use of our motion capture equipment via 2 cameras. My studio jig, camera and client screening facilities including Brannocks, massage tables and a range of saddle manufacturers. I am hoping to maintain the access to Gebiomized saddle mapping although this does require replacement pads if Trek agree to this?
I took 2 of our fitters through Level2 precision fit training with Morgan Lloyd back in April 2021. Trek owned stores are moving away from Bike fit & I have acquired the studio equipment from 1 of the stores that have already stopped offering the service.

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