BikeSolutions - Isabel Verschueren

Company: Bikesolutions

Position: CEO

Expert Overview

Isabel has attained a wealth of knowledge of bike fitting through years of experience. She has attended numerous courses and uses some of the latest technologies in bike fitting. Listed bellow are some of her achievements and information on the course she has attended and technology she employs.

occupational therapist (bachelor degree)
certificate of bicycle repair(man/women)
performed over 3600 over the 15 years she has been active as an independent bike fitter

At Bikesolutions we assume that everyone who rides a bicycle has the right to sit on his/her bicycle as optimally as possible.
Regardless of type of bike or type of athlete (recreational or competitive).
TT, Triathlon,Race,Gravel,Mtb,Trekking,City bike electric or not,Speed pedelec

Bikefit Pro level 2
ISCO SYMPOSIUM 2013 (2 days)
ISCO SYMPOSIUM 2015 (2 days)
Wielersymposium Bike Motion Benelux 17 - 19 oktober 2014(1 day)
ISCO Level 1& 2
SADDLE PRESSURE from Gebiomized (already since 2010)
FOOT PRESSURE from Gebiomized
MOTION ANALYSIS from Gebiomized
Size Cycle pro from Gebiomized

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