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BIOMOTO is the culmination of many years as a bike fitter along with coaching Track & Field at the collegiate level. At the age of fifteen video capture of athletes for performance reasons interested me more specifically in the jumps and pole vault. Able to see minute “leaks” of power the information we could gather in slow motion was profound. Success in the Pole Vault prompted research in joint movement, speed, penultimate steps, and optimizing lever lengths. My analyzing skill were apparent to the coaches and I soon became part of the staff as a jumps coach. Spending six plus hours in the gym with Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers I honed my biomechanical skills and coaching techniques for another four years. During this time, I spent the summers racing my road and mountain bike and was introduced to Bike Fitting. Motivated by my knowledge of movement I was intrigued as well as surprised at how much of an “art” it was. In my eyes the word “art” in this case meant the lack of science so I started to dig. The Serotta fit Seminar with Paul Levine was my first course and finally an introduction to some science behind position and function of the human body working with the bicycle. Certified by several courses I have always found it curious that we treat the foot as a solid block when inside the cycling shoe. My personal studies pushed on throughout the following eight years fitting and owning a retail operation.
My work in the cycling shoe caught the eye of many practitioners, PT’s, Podiatrists, and Pedorthists. Internal curiosity signed me up to become a Pedorthist. In order to understand the cycling foot, I needed to understand more thoroughly bipedal gait and the functions of the foot as science understands it. A number of my questions were answered but not all. Cutting, shimming, and modifying the cycling shoe and insole I began to see some chronic and unresolved patients in hopes to retrain their gait patterns eventually teaming up with podiatrists to create an orthotic lab. Finding success and staffing nine employees on the production line there were still inconsistencies in the process. Looking to automate I found Gebiom, parent company of Gebiomized, bought a mill and Cad system and incorporated them into our production. Things were better but still I had questions.
Working with GoTec for about a year the BIOMOTO concept was introduced to me by Jens Majewski, partner in Gebiom. Studying in Germany and converting my manufacturing facility into an analysis lab I was able to execute such a concept. Having a fit studio within my lab I had unlimited materials and tools to create, modify and tweak all types of things for people and athletes of all types. Using pressure mapping, high speed video, 3D and 2D foot scans, Orthopedic Mobile Data, a 25-meter track, and my biomechanical background we can analyze movements of all types and manufacture insoles on the spot completely custom. It’s like bike fitting for 95 different sports and our systems, processes, and procedures answer close to all the questions I have had, not all.
Utilizing Sensomotoric (sensory motor) components I have made conversions to enhance the cycling shoe for comfort and performance with much success. Seeing gains as much as 60 watts in a 90 second TT for a continental pro and a consistent gain of 20 watts across the board we are certainly on to something. Foot function inside the cycling shoe is somewhat understood we certainly have a greater understanding of foot function walking barefoot on the ground. Categorizing each foot into one of twelve types then having sixteen points of adjustment within each insole we are now beginning to control the foot within the cycling shoe.
Having designed hundreds of custom frames and built 1,000’s of bikes the fit studio is a stand-alone revenue generator for BIOMOTO. Not typically stocking inventory my relationships over the last 25 years in the industry awards me access to nearly every brand and component necessary to create a platform for riders of all shapes and sizes.


Laser level
Wattage-based turbo trainer
Range of test saddles
Foot scanner
Range of multiple types of insole
Adjustable fit bike
2D video, mutliple cameras, synchronised
Saddle and foot pressure mapping

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