BioWheels - Mitch Graham

Company: BioWheels

Position: Owner


BioWheels fitter Mitch Graham has an exceptionally high level of bike fitting experience. 17 years practice with a focus on professional bike fitting. 12 years as a Retul Bike Fitter. 6 years certified as a Retul Master Fitter. Working with 400 fit clients per year  - Mitch has been peer-reviewed and recognized by the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) as a Level 3 Bike Fitter, a level reserved for the top of the profession.  The IBFI issues their accreditation based on fitter education, practical experience, and the quality of their fit studio setting.  A high IBFI rating insures a safe and effective bike fit for clients that seek out that high level fitting. From Wisconsin to Colorado to New England, Mitch has attended top bike fit academies receiving extensive hands-on training and critique from world-leading bike fitters. He has traveled to complete 10 different bike fitting certifications. Mitch has fitted thousands of road cyclists, triathletes, gravel grinders, time trialists, mountain bikers and cyclocross riders of all types, and regularly pulls them in from up to 7-hour travel distance. As a cyclist, Mitch competed for 15 years regionally at the highest level in mountain, road and cyclocross.


Retul Level 1 Certification

Retul Level 2 Advanced Certification

Retul Masters Certified

GURU Level 1 Certification

FIST Certification

GURU Level 2 Certification

Waterford Fitmaster Certification

FitKit Certification

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