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Company: Body Flow Cycling

Position: Owner

Expert Overview

Massimo is an Italian osteopath registered with the  General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and the Institute of Osteopathy (iO) and the Fascia Research Society (FRS). His passion for sports, in particular cycling, running and swimming, inspired Massimo to deepen his knowledge in dealing with sports injuries. Services provided at Body Flow Cycling studio are: Bike fit - Initial fitting, Shoes & Cleats fitting, Review. The initial bike fit session lasts 2 hours and consist of a consultation, video recording, motion analysis, physical assessment, cleat adjustments, position and cycling technique analysis, mechanical bike adjustments and video recording. During this phase few technical devices will be aiding the process:
Wattage-based turbo trainer Elite Justo

Electromyography EMG recording quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes activation with Mbody Myontec
Saddle and foot pressure mapping recording high pressure areas on the saddle with Wiva device.


Bike fitting video app (phone or tablet)

Kinovea video analysis (pc) with no.2 Daheng MER2-160-227U3C industrial digital cameras

Gradient Simulator Elite Rizer
Laser level
Wattage-based turbo trainer
Range of test saddles
Saddle pressure mapping

Foot pressure mapping
EMG shorts

VeloAngle Frame Measurement Tool

91 Kingsgate Road
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2015 Feb - Custom4.US, Jon Iriberri, c/o Hadron Cycles, London, UK - Curso en Biomecanica del Ciclismo Nivel Esencial

2015 May - Cycling School, Cesenatico, Fabrizio Fagioli, Italy - Operatore Professionale in Biomeccanica Applicata al Ciclismo - Livello 1

2015 Jun - Custom4.US, Jon Iriberri, c/o Hadron Cycles, London, UK - Curso en Biomecanica del Ciclismo Nivel Especialista

2015 Oct - NJD Sports Injury and Bike Fit Centre, Nic Dinsdale, Clitheroe, UK - Bike Fit Package

2015 Oct - NJD Sports Injury and Bike Fit Centre, Nicholas Dinsdale, Clitheroe, UK - Cycling Injuries

2016 Oct - Custom4.US, Jon Iriberri, c/o (be)spoke, Derby, UK - New Outdoor Technologies Applied to Bike Fitting

2016 Nov - Cyclefit, Manchester, UK - ICS16 International Bike Fit Symposium

2022 Jun - Science & Cycling, Copenhagen, DK - Science & Cycling Conference 2022

2022 Jun - Science & Cycling, Wendy Holliday, Copenhagen, DK - Masterclass - Before the Bike: Understanding the Individual Biomechanics

2023 Jun - Science & Cycling, Bilbao, SP - Science & Cycling Conference 2023

2023 Jun - Science & Cycling, Iñigo Mujica, Bilbao, SP - Masterclass - Specialized Training Strategies for Cycling Performance




Oct 2012 - present: osteopath at Body Flow Osteopathy

Apr 2015 - Apr 2016: Bike fitter at Hadron Cycles

May 2016 - present: Bike fitter at Body Flow Cycling

Nov 2022 - Feb 2023: Bike fitting consultancy - bike fitting lab built from scratch at Ortholabsport, Milano, Italy

Mar 2023 - Present: Bike fitter at Ortholabsport, Milano, Italy


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