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Based in Carmel by the Sea, California, Andy offers a range of services alongside bike fit, including coaching, Insycd testing and nutritional planning and support. He has coached cyclists and athletes of all abilities and levels for over 15 years. Previously, he has coached a number of professionals and high-calibre teams and has published a book on Weight Training for Cyclists. Presently, he directs the road cycling at the head of the Bear Development Team.

A long-time cycling enthusiast, Chris qualified as a level 1 USA Cycling coach over ten years ago. Since then, professional development has been a priority and a passion. To date, he has certifications from the Superhuman coaching group, Precision Nutrition, Crossfit, Training Peaks and he is a Body Geometry Master Bike Fitting Technician. By his count, he has fitted over 900 clients.

A bike fit with Chris is a dynamic process, with motion capture analysis and a detailed pre-fit questionnaire to get as close to perfect as possible. His focus is your personal cycling goal, whether you seek to improve comfort, aid performance or avoid injury. You can schedule your appointment via the website. A number of client testimonials are included on the site.

Whether you’re looking for a TT, Road bike or ‘Match Making’ fit, Chris is confident that he will be able to help. He also offers a bike fit option with 2 hour guided ride in or around Carmel by the Sea included for travellers to the area and locals alike.


Tel: 8318690677


Chris’ qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

USA Cycling Level 1 Power Based Training Certified Coach

BG Fit Level 1

BG Fit Level 2

BG Fit Level 3

Medicine of Cycling Conference 2014

High speed video analysis

Cycling coaching services

Nutritional coaching services

IBFI Certification