Bushtukah - Fit Studio - Jesse Jarjour


Jesse is a Retul-certified bike fitter with years of experience and passion to his name. He is based at Bushtukah in Ottawa and offers three bike fit options: a standard fit, a Retul 3D motion capture fit and a saddle pressure mapping fit. As well as having trained with Retul (Jesse is both Retul-certified and has completed the Retul 3D motion capture training), he has also qualified with Trek Precision (Level 1 and Level 2, plus pressure mapping and 2D video capture).

With Jesse, each fit begins with an in-depth questionnaire about cycling habits, history, and goals. Jesse will then analyse your body both on and off the bike and make observations and record data while you cycle under different conditions. Afterwards, he will make adjustments and observe again. The process is repeated and refined until Jesse is confident he has achieved the perfect fit for your body and cycling needs. A detailed explanation of the Retul method and a link for online bookings can be found on the website.

Bushtukah is a large sports retail outlet with an extensive selection of cycling-related stock. They have a wide range of bikes (mountain, road, cruiser, hybrid etc) available in store and online as well as a vast selection of accessories, transport options etc. They also stock running and hiking clothes and accessories and run regular events for cyclists and runners - see their events page for more information: https://shop.bushtukah.com/articles/bushtukah-events-clinics-pg1973.htm. There is also a workshop in-store with a range of service and repair options from Junior to Deluxe.




Jesse’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Retul Certification

Trek Precision Fit Level 1

Trek Precision Fit Level 2

Retul 3D Motion Capture

Trek Precision Fit Pressure Mapping

Trek Precision Fit 2D Video Capture

Basic fit, Retul 3D Motion Capture fit and saddle pressure mapping fit options

Workshop and service repair options in-store

IBFI Certification