C2C BikeFit - Christian Widjaja


Contributed in Asian paragames as Bikefitter and won 1 gold, 8 Silvers, and 8 Bronzes. Fit East java athlete and won gold for track championship. Fit many triathletes for Ironman championship and Kona

Gebiomized 2016/2017
ISCO Level 1
ISCO Level 2

Shimano Bike Fitting Training 2015
- Static
- Motion Analyzer
- Pedal Analyzer

2016 Science and Cycling Conference Jun 29-30
2016 Masterclass: Technology in Cycling Science Jun 28
2016 Masterclass: Science of Cycling injury prevention Jul 1

Bike Fit technology
- Laser level, Wattage-based turbo trainer, Range of test saddles
- Saddle pressure mapping, Wheel riser to recreate climbing/incline, Range of multiple types of insole, Adjustable fit bike
- Single-sided 3D motion capture system, Pedal Analyzer



IBFI Certification