Catalyst Kinetics - Rob Wright


Hello, I am Rob Wright a local bicycle fitter in the area of Vancouver, British Columbia. I have been bike fitting with the original Fit Kit since back in the late 1980's.
My Qualifications are as follows:

2007 Serotta Fitting Synposium
2007 SICI Level 1 and 2 - Ray Browning Instructor
2007 FIST Dan Empfield
2008 Trek Michael Sylvester Level 1
2009 Trek MIchael Sylvester Level 2
2009 Fit Kit Level 1,2 and 3 Chris Nurre
2009 Waterford Fitmaster
2009 Retul Todd Carver Level 1 and Aero
2010 BikeFit Paul Swift level 1
2011 GURU University Montreal (GURU DFU Acquisition)
2012 BikeFit level 1 and 2 Paul and Kit
2012 Retul Aero/TT Matt
2013 Opened Catalyst Kinetics in Burnaby BC
2014 Trek Precision Fit Level 1 Dr Mark Timmerman
2016 Trek Precision Fit Level 1 and 2 Paraic McGlynn
2019 Cycling BC High Performance Summit - Speaker
2019 FIST New Protocols Dan Empfield, Ian Murray, Dan Hill
2019 BikeFit Paul Swift

I currently own a Retul but have been working to differentiate from the multiple Retul fitters in the area and use Hudyl and BikeFit Video Apps,
I have used the Serotta, Waterford and Exit bikes. I own an original GURU Generation 1 bike and 2 of the Generation 2 bicycles.
Used Gebiomized Pressure Mapping for 18 months before returning to Trek.
I have been fitting 300 plus people per year for the last 15 years. I have 3 offices today at Catalyst Kinetics
Physiomoves Physiotherapists
South Shore Cycle
My website which is under some changes right now is

IBFI Certification