- Jon Iriberri

Expert Overview

Jon Iriberri is working as cycling technician from 1994 - after discovering his own limitations as a competitive road and MTB racer. Jon developed a research project for his university thesis about internal training load in cycling. This was at a time when Jon was training and fitting many domestic professional riders.

At this time Jon became aware of the limitations of training and condition without also taking into account fitting and biomechanics - both as a source of performance and also a possible source of pain and injury. Jon was amazed at a lack of structured biomechanical assessment in the professional peloton throughout the 90's and up to the present day.

From 2000 researches about the relationship of riders anthropometric data and measurements, Jon developed a new approach to cycling biomechanics - from fitting to customizing.

Since then, Jon has gone on to work at the highest levels of cycling, including:

- Lecturer at UCIs World Cycling Center in Aigle.
- CEO of
- Research & Innovation Head in Spanish Cycling Federation 2009 to 2013

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