Cycle Cult Bike Fit & Coaching - Ryan VM Petersen


At Cycle Cult we offer a different approach to bike fit and as the main fitter I like to think of myself as a bike tailor rather than a bike fitter. I tailor bicycles to athletes based on injury history, current physiology, current cycling form, cycling style and cycling goals. In addition to bike fitting tools, we also use a state-of-the-art 3D-motion capture system with video analysis. We offer bike tailoring suited for the cycling enthusiast to the competitive athlete. We are the only fit studio in Western Canada that offers a 90 day fit guarantee. We do this because it often easier to adapt to a new setup if we adjust position incrementally rather than all at once. We also work with cycling-focussed chiropractors and physiotherapists in order to further assist the athlete in reaching optimal position and performance. Because we are also a coaching service, we are able to utilize our knowledge in cycling to assist in our bike fit. I have been bike fittin since 2012 and have been coaching mountain and road for over 10 years. I have raced Downhill , All Mountain, 4X Cyclocross, Endurance and Ultra-endurance Road.

434a East Columbia Street
New Westminster
V6B 0A6

IBFI Certification