Davelo / Posivelo - Geoffrey Farnsworth

Company: Posivelo

Position: Owner and fitter


‘Posivelo’ or positional bike (POSI + VELO) is the name given to the variety of services we provide out of the Davelo bike shop in Montreal, Quebec.

  •  Bike fit using a variety of tools including Gebiomized saddle and foot pressure mapping, Retul motion capture system and measurement, adjustable fit bike,  high speed camera system, Bioracer virtual windtunnel, Leomo IMU for stability analysis and as a control.
  • Velodrome aero testing at the CNCB velodrome in Bromont Quebec using the Track Aero System from Garmin.
  • Canadian purveyor of the SecretSaddle collection and Push footbeds from Gebiomized.
  • Canadian contact for information on Gebiomized pressure mapping technology

We see a wide variety of cyclists from Olympic and Pro team level athletes for biomechanical and aero optimization, ultra distance and  triathletes to new riders buying a new bike needing a position that will optimize biomechanics, maximize performance and minimize chance of injury.

Posivelo is independent from the shop (Davelo) and therefore the focus in on providing positional solutions while access to great service department and seasoned mechanics permit us to provide a complete solution to interested cyclists.

I have raced competitively as a mountain biker and been a race team manager on the FQSC circuit before moving on to more long distance bike camping and racing as a Race Across America ( RAAM ) participant.  In the cycling business I have been a partner in a shop, mechanic, manufacturer’s representative, charity ride organizer and trip leader. I have had the opportunity to work with Andy Froncioni of Alphamantis Technologies now Garmin on aero fitting for many Cycling Canada and Team Quebec athletes.

ONLINE RESERVATIONS : https://site.booxi.com/davelo




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