Lloyd Thomas

Company: CycleFit Europe

Position: Owner/Founder


Lloyd is a leading bike fit technologist, both in terms of using the most advanced technologies during his fits and also helping to develop new bike fitting tech for the future.

Lloyd works with numerous World Tour riders to help dial in their position for races like the Tour de France, but is just as keen to help amateur and club riders. Solving bikefitting problems is the heart of the satisfaction of why Lloyd loves doing what he does!

Bikefitting is at the core of the business, with a bike selection database with thousands of bike choices when shopping for a new bike! Don't make the 5000 Euro mistake! Get the right help and expertise first!

Address: Berliner Ring 161A, 64625 Bensheim, Germany

email: lloyd@bikefiteurope.com

phone: +49 17661554057



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