CycleFit London


Cyclefit London offers a Cyclefit bike fit service which can be customised according to client need, starting at £350 for a fit with saddle pressure mapping and then with optional add-ons - custom insoles, virtual wind tunnel etc. They also offer Triathlon and TT Fitting, a Cyclefit follow up and a podiatry clinic.

Cyclefit was the brainchild of two keen cyclists, Julian and Phil, after medical professionals told them they were unlikely to be able to ride competitively again. Their approach is holistic, harnessing knowledge and expertise from a wide range of disciplines and schools of thought including physios, osteopaths, academics, mechanics and more.

Although evidence-backed, Cyclefit’s ethos rejects being led by technology; instead, Cyclefit aims to use technology to enhance the bike fit process rather than determine it. Early on in the Cyclefit story, Julian had a realisation: the body had to come first, not the bike. Turning conventional bike fit theories on their head, Cyclefit advanced with the premise that bike fit was about bringing the bike to the cyclist and not vice versa.

Cyclefit’s bike fit process is underpinned by years of experience and education, from training at the Serotta school in New York, private podiatry study with Paul Swift and working with pro riders since the early 2000s. Today Cyclefit is a centre for cycling and bike fit education, hosting and delivering a wide range of courses.

The Cyclefit blog contains a number of useful resources for cyclists, including product reviews, cycling tips and a ‘Meet the Fitters’ article.

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Cyclefit’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Anatomical courses
Sports massage
Serotta Fit School Elements
Serotta Fit School Advanced
Instructor on Trek Fit Services School courses
Instructor on SICI/Cyclefit’s own bike fitting course
Organisers of International Cyclefit Symposium
3D motion capture
2D video motion capture
Pressure mapping systems

IBFI Certification