Cyclopaedia Ltd - Ian Jeremiah

Company: Cyclopeadia

Position: Bike Fitter

Expert Overview

Ian, based at Cyclopaedia in Cardiff, has over 10 years’ bike fit experience. At Cyclopaedia he conducts bike fits solo or, alternatively, clients can opt to book a joint session with the store’s affiliated physiotherapist to ensure a fully comprehensive fit. These sessions start at £120 per hour, while basic bike fits start from £60.

Ian deals with clients of all abilities and levels who want to solve a number of different problems or hit particular targets, e.g. increased power and performance, banish persistent aches and niggles, increased comfort or stamina etc. His bike fit options include the basic starter package, an intermediate bike fit and a more advanced version including 3D motion capture analysis on the dynamic fit jig (£180). The website contains more details and all sessions can be booked over the phone or by emailing the store - see the contact information below.

Ian is passionate about all things bike, bike fit and education-related. He takes his professional development seriously and is always looking to improve the quality of his offering. To date, he is trained in static measurements, has completed the Shimano Dynamics course, Physiohaus’ advanced motion capture course and Physiohaus TT positioning. He attended the ICS Symposium in 2016 and is currently working towards his level 3 cycle coaching qualification in Track, Mtb and cyclo-cross.

The Cyclopaedia shop is an independent bike store where cycling enthusiasts can find everything they need, from accessories and parts, to helmets and clothing.

Ian’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Fitting since 2008 static measurements Dynamics course
Physiohaus Advanced Motion Capture training
Physiohaus TT positioning training
Level 2 cycling coach in Track, Mtb and Cyclo-cross and is working towards his Level 3 coaching qualification.
Attended the recent ICS Symposium (2016)


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