Dynamic Bike Fit - Craig Fulk


Based in Roanoke, Texas, Craig started Dynamic Bike Fit in 2009 and is proud to be completely independent. His ultimate goal is not a bike sale but an optimum, personalised fit for the rider. He uses a combination of bike fit education, personal knowledge and judicious use of technology in order to provide the closest fit to perfect for a cyclist, regardless of their level of experience, age or cycling history.

Craig believes ardently that pain and discomfort shouldn’t be something that cyclists have to tolerate - ‘just part of the process’. He is a Retul certified Master fitter and uses Retul 3D motion capture in the studio and saddle pressure mapping technology in the studio.

Craig offers a range of different bike fit options, but advertises his Dynamic BIke Fit as his core offering. To this, a client can add custom footbeds or opt for a stand-alone saddle pressure analysis service. He also offers a number of new bike consultation services including an ‘over the phone’ option.

All bike fits come with a comprehensive pre-fit consultation with the client re: their cycling history, goals etc and a detailed physical movement assessment and bike fit services can be booked online through the website.

As a level 4 IBFI fitter and a Retul Master fitter, Craig is one of the most experienced fitters in his region and has worked with athletes and cyclists of all levels. His website features a number of from clients delighted with his services.




Craig’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Fitting since 2009

Retul Certification

Retul Advanced Certification

Retul Masters Certification

Retul TT Position course

Retul Cycling Specific Injury Management course

Cyclologic Training – Advanced Pressure Mapping

Completed college courses on Anatomy and Physiology and is a USCA level 2 coach. Retul and Medicine of Cycling conference attendee.

3D motion capture

Pressure mapping technology

IBFI Certification