Ellis Endurance Lab - Ryan Ellis


Based in Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Ryan opened Oklahoma’s only dedicated bike fit studio and is proud that he can offer unbiased opinion on fit and equipment choices. His goal is not selling you product but finding you the BEST bike fit position for you to achieve your goals. He uses a combination of bike fit education, personal experiences, technology and fitting tools to find you the optimal position for your body.
Ryan’s philosophy is there should never be pain or numbness in cycling and the bike should fit you, not you fitting the bike. Every athlete is totally different and shouldn’t be fitted the same way. While using the latest technology, it should be used as a tool not the only answer to help the fitter and rider find the optimal position for comfort and power
Ellis Endurance Lab offers a range of different bike fit options to fit goals and budget of every rider, but highly encourage using Dynamic Bike Fit as part of the fitting process.
All bike fits come with a comprehensive pre-fit consultation covering: riding history, riding goals, injury history, discomfort on bike, and a detailed off the bike movement assessment.
All appointments can be booked on www.ellisenduracnelab.com, more information and testimonials can be found on Instagram or Facebook @ellisenduracnelab

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Equipment and Experience

Guru Dynamic Fit Bike
idmatch Motion Capture System
Test Saddle Program
F.I.S.T Certification
USA Triathlon Coach
USA Cycling Coach
ISSA Sports Conditioning Certification
TPI Level 1 Certification
Team USA in 4 different disciplines
USA National Champion Long Course Duathlon

IBFI Certification