Flexion Bike Fit - Cody Osborne

Expert Overview

Flexion Bike Fit is a home-based bike fit studio catering to all styles and levels riders. Using both
technology and holistic methodologies, all adjustments and interventions serve these three
pillars: Optimal Breathing Efficiency, Postural Stability, and Control of Movement including
leverage on the pedals.
Fitter Cody Osborne, is Bike Fit Level 1 and ISCO Level 1 certified and has a background in
athletic coaching as a Professional Goalie Coach. The Flexion studio uses Leomo technology to
assess and provide real-time data long with biofeedback, both in the lab and on the road.
Additional motion analysis tools such as Motionysis and CoachesEye provide dynamic analysis
and pre/post-fit comparisons. The studio is currently equipped with an Exit MKII size cycle
which allows for pre-purchase sizing and generating the bike/body relationship dynamically
before finalizing the fit on the client’s bike.
Flexion Bike Fit is also the location of the Edmonton Saddle Studio, Edmonton’s premiere saddle
shopping experience. Brands include SMP, SQLabs, gebioMized, Cobbs, WTB, Shimano Pro,
Fabrik, Fizik and more. Riders walk away knowing their saddle matches their riding style and
anatomy. Having a trained with gebioMized and their Contact Point Biomechanics, there is a
solid understanding of pressure distribution. Furthermore, the relationship between properly
support feet and saddle pressure with why Flexion carries both Currex and G8 insoles.
Additional fit-related offerings include stems, bar and bar tape.

Cody’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:
BikeFit: The Foot/Pedal Interface
ISCO Level 1 Contact Biomechanics
1 year fitting
8 years as a Goalie Coach
Leomo and LVS Motion Performance Indicators
Motionalysis Video Analysis
Coaches Eye Video Analysis
Multiple insole options (Including G8 and Currex)
Exit MKII Adjustable fit bike
Retro Serotta Size Cycle
Laser levels
3 dozen test saddles
Bike Fit Saddle SwitchIt
Bike Fit Stem Sizer
Profile Design DRV quick release bar sizer system
Fit Kit Systems Fit Stick
Retul Levul Wheel Riser
SMP Sit Bone Measuring Device
Sidas Feet Revelator
Custom Build bike fitting riser on wheels

Ergon Cleat Tools (All systems)
Bike Fit FFMD

2075 Price Landing SW
T6W 3P8


IBFI Certification