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Company: Foundation Fit

Position: Owner

Expert Overview

Foundation is an Torke certified, independent bike fit studio. Amongst our team we have over 20 years of bike industry experience, extensive triathlon, road and mountain bike racing experience, Level 2 British Triathlon Coaching qualifications and an Urban Hill Climb cargo bike championship title!

Our studio offers state of the art movement analysis with Leomo inertia sensors, dynamic jig fitting and climbing/descending simulation with a Wahoo Kickr Bike. We also maintain a saddle library with over 100 different models, offer G8, Giro and Lake performance footbeds, and FORM foot optimisation wedges and shims.

All our energy is focused on finding the best results for our clients. Since we are independent, we are not limited in the advice we give or encumbered by having to push certain products. We offer a completely impartial and personal fitting service for each rider. Every rider is an individual with a different history, experiences and bio-metrics, so every fit will require different solutions.

This is also why we won’t rigidly follow one bike fit methodology. Humans are complicated and there are no universal laws. We use a mixture of technology, video analysis, functional assessment, rider feedback and comparative testing to find the best results for each rider and their unique needs. We also recognise that we are always learning and developing. And as bike fit methodologies evolve, then our practice will also evolve, be challenged and grow.

Our aim is to find bike fit solutions that really work, but also educate my fit clients as much as possible, so they can ride away with more knowledge, confidence and feel empowered to manage their bike positions as they develop. Recognising that bike fitting is a progressive process is important. Our bodies are changing all the time, adapting, absorbing and learning.

A Foundation bike fit is designed to be a holistic process for ANY rider, to create a balanced, long-term relationship between them and their bike, allowing them to ride with efficiency, comfort and speed!


Bike fitting video app (phone or tablet)*Laser level
Wattage-based turbo trainer
Range of test saddles
2D video, side-view, single camera
Wheel riser to recreate climbing/incline
Range of multiple types of insole
Adjustable fit bike
Double-sided, synchronised 3D motion capture system


Lee Valley Velopark
51 Abercrombie Road
E20 3AB



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