Friday Bike Fit - Winston Tam


Winston's training includes:

Retul - Lead Asia Instructor - 3 years
Specialized - Certified Instructor Consultant
Bikefit - Lead Asia Instructor - Present
GURU - Lead Asia Instructor - Present
Velogicfit - Lead Asia Instructor - Present

BikeFit Pro Level 1
BikeFit Pro Level 2
F.I.S.T Workshop
ISCO Level 1
ISCO Level 2
Retul Certification
Retul Advanced
Retul Masters
Serotta Personal
Serotta Advanced 1
BG Fit Level 1
BG Fit Level 2
BG Fit Retul tech class
Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
Can-Fit Pro Certified Nutrition Specialist
ICS (International CycleFit Symposium) x2
Medicine of Cycling Conference x1

Winston uses the following technologies during his fits:
Retul 3D Motion Capture System
Gebiomized Pressure Mapping
GURU Fit Machine
Velogic 3D Motion Capture

Tel: 886929623311

IBFI Certification