GV ProBikeFit - Graeme Veevers

Company: GV ProBikeFit

Position: Owner

Expert Overview

As a keen cyclist of 10 years, I’ve experienced enough pain and suffering as much as the next rider, and that’s just from competing in the North West Cyclo-cross league!

My journey started with a simple case of numb toes during every ride.  Then after chatting with a rider I worked with at Team Wiggins, I was pointed in the direction of a Bike Fitter he knew, and suddenly I found myself diving headfirst into the world of Bike Fitting!

After the initial gathering of information around bike fitting, I contacted Tony of Torke Cycling and enrolled on his professional Bike Fitting course and the rest as they say, is history!

I continued my development with Tony and some other courses he offers to get a solid foundation of bike fit understanding.  The next step was to become part of the IBFI as this meant I was doing things the correct way and I had the backing of an international organisation.  As I was new to the bike fitting world, I didn't have the fitting experience required to become a level 1 fitter immediately, and so enrolled on the IBFI's mentoring program which put under the tutelage of Jerry Gerlich, one of the top fitters in the world.  After spending a year learning from him (albeit via a webcam!), I was able to qualify as a level 1 bike fitter, something I am very proud of.

I like to give my customers the confidence in knowing that my only aim during their bike fit, is to get them as comfortable and efficient as possible, regardless of their ability and experience.

I am also fully mobile.


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