Hill Climb Acupuncture & Bike Fit - Vega Brhely

Expert Overview

Vega Brhely is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist who specializes in sports acupuncture and utilizes trigger point and motor point therapy (dry needling) to aid recovery. She opened Hill Climb Acupuncture in Boulder, CO in 2015 to offer acupuncture to the cycling community she loves. Her bike fitting journey began in 2010 in Chicago and continued once she moved to Boulder in 2012. She was the Retul fitter for a shop in Boulder before moving to Basalt, CO to take a job as a fitter and then manager of a store in Willits. In 2020 she opened Hill Climb Acupuncture & Bike Fit to combine her expertise of treating and preventing sports injuries with acupuncture and correcting bike fit issues that cause those injuries and discomfort. She has success with complicated medical issues and imbalances and works diligently to find solutions to challenging cases. She is fully certified as a Retul fitter, completing Level 1 and Level 2 training and successfully passing the certification exam. She also holds a Level 1 certification with BikeFit and Level 2 certification with ISCO and is continually advancing her bike fit skills with a medical focus. Her passion is to get more women on bikes comfortably and confidently, and loves working with athletes of all abilities. Hill Climb Acupuncture & Bike Fit is a small studio space and currently does not have any 2D or 3D video technology, however Vega prides herself on her keen attention to detail, compassionate listening skills, and knowledge of human physiology and biomechanics to offer a top notch bike fit at a reasonable rate.


Laser level, adjustable wheel block, ipad software
Laser level
Range of test saddles
Wheel riser to recreate climbing/incline

207 Basalt Center Circle
Suite 204


IBFI Certification