Hypercat Racing - Philip Casanta


Based in Ventura, Calfiornia, Philip is an extremely experienced bike fitter and bike fit educator. For other 30 years he’s been passionate about all things cycling, and has over two decades’ experience in bike fit. He’s also a skilled and knowledgeable bicycle mechanic as well as a product development consultant. Hypercat Racing, which he founded almost 20 years ago, comprises his bike fit studio, custom build business, coaching services and mechanics and servicing workshop.

Hypercat’s fits, services and prices are all available on the website and can be booked online. Whether you’re a newcomer to cycling looking for a fit and some advice before purchasing a bike, or an experienced professional looking to improve your performance with the help of 3D motion capture analysis, Philip can help.

Philip is Retul-trained, moving from his initial accreditation to becoming a Master and then an Advanced fitter. He has attended FIST courses as well as completed various University level modules on bike fit relevant topics including biomechanics and anatomy. His studio is equipped with all of the latest bike fit technology and equipment, including a Retul 3D system, over 100 test saddles, lazers and insoles.

Philip also works as a bike fit educator and has delivered courses for Guru, FIST and Retul. He also consults with brands to help design cycling products from a fit-first perspective.

Email: bikefit@hypercat.com

Phone: 805-477-0353


Philip’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Various university modules on biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology

Retul certified

Retul Master

Retul Advanced

FIST x 2

He has also presented at Interbike on various bike fit topics.

Retul 3D system

Saris Powerbeam Trainer stand and a Saris Hammer Trainer

Retul adjustable front wheel Riser



Over 100 test saddles

Custom Exit Cycle  Sizing Cycle

Adjustable sizing stem and Seat Switch-it.

Power meters of various kinds from pedals to a Computrainer

Alphamantis track-based aero testing

IBFI Certification