Jason Barcoff

Company: Fit-Lab @ Piermont Bicycle Connection

Position: Director

Expert Overview

Piermont Bicycle Connections Fit-Lab offers the blending of State of the art technology utilizing a GURU DFU (Dynamic Fit Unit) with a multi-disciplined approach in movement analysis.  The Fit-Lab at Piermont Bicycle Connection offers individuals in the Tri-State region of Mid-Atlantic the best in comprehensive bike fitting.  The Fit-Lab at Piermont BIcycle connection offers clients the ability to test over 100 different saddles from major manufacturers like Pro, SMP, Cobb, Fizik, Fabric, WTB, SQ-Lab, and many more.

Fit-Lab@ Piermontbike information link

Comprehensive Personalized Fit:

Client interview
Flexibility assessment
Full body measurement
Muscular strength testing
Functional & structural testing to determine LLD
Bio-mechanical efficiency, wattage output & pedaling efficiency
Saddle assessment and trial
Follow-up visit to fine-tune or take corrective actions.
Saddle testing / evaluation
Advanced cleat setup

Contact Point Assessment:

Saddle evaluation (test up to 2 different saddles)
Handlebar evaluation
Saddle adjustment height and setback
Basic cleat adjustment

Jason@piermontbike.com / Fit-Lab@piermontbike.com

Shop: 845-365-0900 Cell: 914-497-7356



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