Kenneth Van de Wiele

Company: Wieler Wheels

Expert Overview

The interest in bike fitting started when Kenneth was active at Trek-Segafredo and had the privilege of working with the people behind Trek Precision Fit, Gebiomized and Cyclologic. Wieler Wheels has invested in various high-tech equipment from these pioneers to determine your optimal position and transfer it to your bicycle with laser precision. A professional bike fitting does not of course analyze the bicycle position purely from a mechanical point of view, but also from an anatomical point of view. Kenneth has therefore continued his education in the anatomy of the human body.

Since the inception of the bicycle, we have seen a variety of bicycle types emerge, but what has remained unchanged in all that time is the way we sit on the bicycle. There are still 5 points of contact: 2 feet, 2 hands, 1 seat. The motor skills of cycling are made possible by coordinating contracting muscles. The force generated by this is transported via bones and joints to create the torque of the pedals. Excessive movements or limitations of dexterity can affect this kinetic chain. For example, an irregular movement in the knee can be the result of irregularities in the foot or hip.

Bikefits are increasingly scientifically substantiated and Wieler Wheels uses MotionMetriq's motion analysis software for this purpose. Yet there is still no magic formula to find your optimal cycling position. In many cases it is about finding the right balance. A bike fit is a detailed process of evaluating one's physical capabilities, performance requirements, capabilities and systematically adapting the bike to the rider's goals and needs.

Ettingen 23


Wattage-based turbo trainer
Range of test saddles
2D video, side-view, single camera*
Saddle pressure mapping**
Wheel riser to recreate climbing/incline
Range of multiple types of insole
Adjustable fit bike


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