Laboratoire d’innovations et technologies pour le sport et la performance humaine - Frédéric Domingue and Geoffrey Millour


L-TIPS is an academic research lab with projects oriented on advanced methods for high performance in cycling. The main goal of the research program is to develop new techniques and approaches to identify the factors limiting the performance of elite cyclists. We work on these topics:
- Human performance
o Develop algorithms to model and predict the performance based on fitness and fatigue
o New physiological test protocols
o Improvement of the mechanical efficiency and pedalling technique (State-of-the-art research equipment available)
o Innovative personalized training methods based on the athlete profile (based on time to exhaustion models)
- Sport and engineering
o Technological tool for performance monitoring
o Wireless sensor integration for real time assessments
o Design original sensors for sports analysis
o Software and apps for athletes and coaches

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