LOUE Bikefit Lab - Timothy Lim

Company: Loue Bicycles

Position: Bikefitter

Expert Overview

LOUE Bicycles
Timothy Lim has been bikefitting since 2011. He is a mechanical engineer by
training and is certified by numerous bike fitting institutes around the world.
He has attended and presented at several bike fit, medical and cycling
science conferences, and currently delivers bike fit training as gebiomized
instructor in South East Asia.
Timothy has been a consultant to several cycling science related research
with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Republic Polytechnic
sports sciences and engineering faculties.
At Loue Bicycles, he uses technology such as Retul (3D motion capture),
gebiomized Bikeview, Bikemess, Cycle, CyclePRO (pressure mapping),
Bioracer motion (3D motion capture), Bioracer aero (Frontal area
measurement), FORPED cycling biomechanics diagnostics tool and the
LEOMO Type R real time cycling motion diagnostic tool.

Timothy also delivers bike fit training as a GebioMized instructor and uses the following technologies during his fits:

Retul (3D motion capture)
gebiomized Bikeview, Bikemess, Cycle, CyclePRO (pressure mapping)
Bioracer motion (3D motion capture)
Bioracer aero (Frontal area measurement)

Force Pedals

LOUE Bicycles
11A Lichfield Road
Singapore 556831
M: +65 8128 2123
E: tim@louebicycles.com


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