McConvey Cycles - Lance McCarthy


Lance McCarthy of McConvey Cycles in Belfast, N. Ireland brought Retül to the shop in 2015 and has been helping riders find their perfect fit ever since...
Bike fitting is an integral part of what we do at McConvey Cycles. The gains found in efficiency and power and comfort far outweigh those experienced in any technological upgrade.
Our three pronged approach consists of: 1/ Having a full time Level 2 Retül and BodyGeometry fitter in our studio, with over 1000 fits to his credit. Whose understanding of the associated science, and of the needs of the individual, combines perfectly.
2/ Using the best tools available. The Retül [Vantage] system, Digital Sit bone Device, Retül custom footbeds, and the Müve [fit] bike allows our fitter to use his skill set to the maximum [...]
3/ Carrying an extensive range of every Body Geometry product available, in all sizes and variation, from bars to footbeds- ensuring the perfect fit is always executed."
Lance M.
+44 (0)2890 330322

IBFI Certification