MotionFit - Kameel Abdurrahman


Kameel Abdurrahman, based in Central Florida, is a US and world-recognised bike fitter. His services have been engaged by cyclists as far afield as Germany, Brazil, China, South America and Australia.

Kameel has studied bike fit extensively, including aerodynamics training with John Cobb, education at the Retul University with Todd Carver and FIST triathlon training.

In the studio, Kameel offers a range of different services. These include the

Retul existing bike fit, the Retul new bike fit and a follow-up fit (available within 1 year of a bike fit). He also offers a number of ‘mini’ services including cleat alignment, saddle testing and Retul zin measurements. All of Kameel’s services can be scheduled online via the MotionFit website.

With a fitting, Kameel aims to restore comfort, maximise power and efficiency. Informed by science and technology, his approach to bike fit is precision-led. His testimonials are from cyclists of all ages and abilities who support Kameel’s claims of reducing pain and improving performance. MotionFit’s Facebook page is also very active, updating clients on Kameel’s work, travels, services and cycle camps -

Alongside bike fit, Kameel is also a certified cycling coach and runs cycling tours across the world.


Kameel’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

Bike Fit (Paul Swift)

Dartfish 2D video capture

FIST (Dan Empfield)

Retul (with Todd Carver)

Retul 5 day Level 2

Retul 3 day Master

Retul TT

Retül Fütbed Insole

Retül Muve

Saddle Pressure Mapping System

Insule Pressure Mapping System

WIVA cycle sensor

Leomo motion system

USA Triathlon Coach Level 1

USA Cycling Coach Level 1

Power Meter Training Certified

Cycling campers (US and international)

Certified cycling coach

Works with cyclists of all ages and abilities

Range of bike fit services including Retul existing bike fit and Retul new bike fit.

IBFI Certification