Movimiento del Norte Jorrit van der Plaats


Joritt has extensive experience of working with cyclists of all tiers from novices to professionals, and always adopts a client-centred strategy. Joritt works with his clients to determine their history, goals and needs and then helps them to find a position which will optimise their performance and comfort as well as help minimise risk of injury.

In the clinic, Joritt uses Retul technology (motion capture system), a Shimano jig and pedal stroke power analysis. He offers a Retul Motion Capture fit for an existing bike (around 2 hours in duration) and a more in-depth fit for an existing bike or new bike with power analysis as an add-on (also around 2 hours). There are often seasonal offers available throughout the year and the cost of bike fitting may be discounted from the price of a new bike if purchased through Swift within a set time period.

Jorrit van der Plaats
+34 643 28 68 57
c/ Ginzo de Limia 55
28034, Madrid
Joritt’s qualifications, experience, equipment and services include:

BSc Human Movement Sciences
MSc Human Movement Sciences; specialisation Sport
ISCO Symposium 2013
ISCO Level 1
ISCO Level 2
Retul 3D motion capture system
3D Pedal stroke analyser

IBFI Certification