OD Cycling - Camille Pouliquen


Our center is composed of different professional (Orthopedics, research engineer, PhD Doctor, fitness trainer). Our philosophy is to offer the most complete bike fitting approach. We are the biggest bikefitting center in France. We have four centers in France. Our patients are of all levels (recreative, amateur, professional) and the purpose of their visit are large (comfort, injury, performance’s optimization…).
We are equipped with seven Qualisys operating at 300 Hz to capture joint kinematic in 3 dimensions. We also have the Shimano BikeFitting technology to optimize the configuration of the bike. We can easily adjust settings during analysis. We used a laser system (MLCleats, Morphologics) to adjust cleats on shoes. For pathological cyclist, we used a Diers Formetric 4D system to modelized their spine. This tool allows us to have a global vision of the subject's morphology and we can optimize the position in order to reduce possible pain. If necessary, our specialists can create a foot insole to increase the comfort of our patient and/or optimize their force transfer on the pedals. Our laboratory working closely with Rouen University Sport Science and our philosophy is to transfer our research on the field.
Camille Pouliquen is the Head Leader of the Research and Development in OD Cycling. He is graduated with a research master’s in mathematics/informatics and a PhD in Biomechanics. He was an assistant professor in Le Mans University for three years. His research is focused on musculoskeletal modelling for performance optimization and injury prevention. He is also interested in the impact of fatigue on muscle coordination, kinetics and kinematics. He developed an innovative methodology to analyze spatiotemporal asymmetry during pedaling cycle. He published several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.
Romain Lacroix is the Head of the Bikefitter in OD Cycling in Rouen. He was a radiology technician in the University Hospital Center for eighteen years. He was responsible of the continuing education. He is also passionate of cycling and he started long distance Triathlon for four years.


Laser level
Range of test saddles
Foot scanner
Adjustable fit bike
Double-sided, synchronised 3D motion capture system
Full EMG system
Directional force pedals (at least 2D)



IBFI Certification