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Company: On Your Bike

Position: Store Manager / Bike Fitter

Expert Overview

“When riding your bike you should feel powerful and efficient, with no pain or discomfort. Your pedalling should feel smooth and ‘easy’ and you will feel stable and planted on your saddle and pedals.”

If the paragraph above does not describe your riding position then a Bike Fit may be for you. Find out below how we can help you achieve an awesome riding position!


We believe that a Bike Fit can make a real difference to your comfort, enjoyment and performance on a bike. As such this is a service which is not just for the Professional - in fact the everyday cyclist can arguably benefit just as much from a Bike Fit session. Your position on a bike is something that should be reviewed periodically - a Bike Fit is not just for life! We also advise a Bike Fit as a precursor to a new bike purchase, as this can help avoid an expensive mistake!

Our resident Bike Fitter, Stuart, has been helping improve riders' positions on their bikes for a number of years now. Stuart has completed Bike Fit training with Torke Cycling (Body Positioning, Foot Correction, MTB and TT/Tri Positioning, Saddle Selection), Trek Precision Fit Level 1 and PhysioSports Bike Fit Level 1 and 2. In addition Stuart is a British Cycling Level 2 Coach, British Triathlon Level 1 Coach and rides road, mountain bike and cyclocross.

Most fits are completed on the client's own bike using a Smart Trainer however we also use a Retul Muve fit bike for pre-purchase fitting as well as more complicated fits, experimenting with different crank lengths etc. Other equipment in the Fit Studio includes adjustable width/shape handlebars from Profile Design, Demo saddles from SMP, Bontrager, Ergon and others and insoles from G8 and Superfeet/Bontrager. All fits include discounted labour rates on any work required as a result of the fit as well as a free follow-up session in the following 12 weeks.

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