Pain Free Power Sweden - Iain Findlay

Expert Overview

Iain Findlay is the Managing Director and Lead Bike Fitter at Pain Free Power. Pain Free Power is a Bike Fit and Cycling Analysis Lab based in Stockholm, Sweden. It operates as part of a larger endurance sports hub with an experienced multi-disciplinary team (i,e., naprapats, coaches).

Iain's main area of expertise is within the field of biomechanics and more specifically a focus on cycling kinematics. Iain completed his MSc in Sports Biomechanics in 2019 where his disertation focused on 'Validity and reliability of 2D vs 3D kinematics in the lower limbs of cyclists in time trial positions'. He also has a number of bike fitting and sports-related qualifications including ISCO Levels 1 & 2, Cyclologic Levels 1 & 2 and Trek Precision Fit. Iain is also the scandinavian representative part of the CEPN where he is delivering Bike Fit education.

He has been bike fitting since 2014 and has now worked with over 4000 athletes including Olympic/Paralympic medalists, multiple world champions and national champions in both the UK and Sweden. At the studio in Stockholm, Iain is working with Qualisys 3D motion capture, gebioMized Saddle and Insole Pressure Mapping, and an Aerolabs aero sensor.


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